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Striking a balance between PROCESS and MATERIALS to minimize your IMPACT on the ENVIRONMENT

What PMP does to ensure this?

Offering our customer a greener, more affordable alternative to foam and plastics for all of their inner packaging protection needs. Our Sustainapack program allows our customer to divert their own post-consumer waste back into their internal packaging - a closed loop system that is as good for the environment as
it is for your bottom line.

Our MATERIALS - we use 100% post-consumer waste. Every bit of materials that go into making our pulp come from either recycled paper or corrugate. Your IMPACT on the ENVIRONMENT - Pulp is the most biodegradable form of packaging available and using post-consumer waste reduces the amount of it that is currently dominating our landfills.

PMP is the perfect balance of process and materials resulting in minimal to no impact on the environment.

ENERGY - All of PMP’s products are produced with natural gas and utilize a heat recovery process. This allows us
to use less energy in producing our pulp.

RECYCLED? - Yes - Accepted by both blue and green box curbside collection programs.

Yes - Accepted material from Compost Council of Canada

BIODEGRADABLE? - Yes – If our pulp does end up landfill, it will breakdown within 90 days.

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